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Costanza (Costi), italian, 22, web and graphic designer, youtube vidder. Once Upon a Time (SwanQueen AND Outlaw Queen) addicted. Lana Parrilla has taken over my life and looks like she has no intention to leave anytime soon.
I have the ability to ship every single couple that I find even remotely interesting so in my blog you will find stuff about pretty much every movie couple you can think about... plus a bunch of other random things, anything that I find interesting or funny.

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    Anonymous asked: Details about FLan getting married, please? Super interested! :D


    there aren’t really any details, they got married “in secret” apparently, so there’s nothing there to say :P 

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    Why is everyone freaking out? It’s not like it’s news that those two got married xD lol

    If they’d put evil regals on gossip-news duty we would have given them the news two weeks ago….

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    Evil laugh?

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    for Once Upon A Time cast, got selfies with Lana and Josh and autographs from Colin and Jared as they left for ComicCon. Sister got photos with Josh and Robert as they arrived back from Vancouver. She also got an autograph from Jennifer Morrison who arrived with Stephen Amell.

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    Anonymous asked: Regina is the Bane of your existence? You more of an Emma fan?


    I was kidding, she is the very reason of my existence but she is also destroying me emotionally slowly and painfully with her perfection. 

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    My house, 10pm:

    Me:...and in conclusion, this is the very simplified story of Once Upon a Time
    Roomate:hmm... interesting, and who is this character that is going evil again?
    Me:That's Regina, the very bane of my existance. Portrayed by that fallen angel that is Lana Parrilla.
    Roomate:Lana who?
    Me:*holds up cellphone* this one.
    Roomate:Wait... I've seen her before...
    Me:Unlikely, she did a lot of things but almost no one watched them outside of the US. Have you ever watched Miami Medical?
    Me:The Double Life of Eleanor Kendall?
    Me:Okay I give up... but you get the picture. *leaves*
    20 minutes later:
    Roomate:*barges in my room and scares the crap out of me* LOST! LOST! I SAW HER ON LOST! HOW COULD YOU FUCKING FORGET LOST!? *leaves and shuts the door*
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    Lana & Fred Di Blasio departing Playboy A&E Party

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    get you shoes off the bed 

    get you shoes off the bed 

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    I smell trouble brewing


    where is your god now

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    The life and adventures of Emma Swan.

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    Can I go down with this ship? Yes please.

    bringing this back because I just remembered that I called this ship as soon as Robin appeared and I’m very proud of it… Also it’s 2am and I’m in bed but still awake and bored for some reason

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