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Costanza (Costi), italian, 22, web and graphic designer, youtube vidder. Once Upon a Time (SwanQueen AND Outlaw Queen) addicted. Lana Parrilla has taken over my life and looks like she has no intention to leave anytime soon.
I have the ability to ship every single couple that I find even remotely interesting so in my blog you will find stuff about pretty much every movie couple you can think about... plus a bunch of other random things, anything that I find interesting or funny.

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    at least he has sense of humor I’ll give him that one! 

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      LOLOLOL I admit it: I laughed at the dog’s name
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      OH ENRIQUE. Damn you. I actually laughed at ‘a dog named Tony’. Y U HAVE TO PLAY SUCH SEEDY CHARACTER WITH BAD HAIR FOR?
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